Friends of Our MarketPixelmark

Our Market has tons of friends. People who volunteer and put a lot of effort into making it work. These are just some of them, more coming all the time.

Seribellum Press

Joe Barela personally designed our logo. He’s the owner of Seribellum Press and has always been a great friend to the Market.

1760-B W Hadley, Las Cruces, NM 88005       575-527-2536

City of Las Cruces

Our beloved city of Las Cruces. The city government was actually running the Market from 1999 to 2013, when it was handed back over to the vendors for self-governance. Their representatives continue to be a valuable resource to ensure our Market is a high point within our community.

La Semilla Food Center

La Semilla Food Center is an integral part of our EBT/WIC programs. They work very hard to bring food options to those that need it in the community. They have done multiple live cooking demos in our Market and are also responsible for any number of informational survey actions to help us better it for vendor and customer alike.

Las Cruces Magazine

Las Cruces Magazine is proudly produced by realView publishing, a local publishing company. Our bi-annual magazine is dedicated to bringing our readers a fantastic view of the people, places, and events that truly capture the Mesilla Valley’s unique culture. Visit our website, which is updated daily, or connect with us through our various social networks.  •   575-532-2262