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Demand to become a vendor at the Market is very high. There are a number of requirements in order to gain entrance into the Market, many of which have to do with licensing, taxation numbers and residence. If you do not meet the criteria exceptions can not be made. All requirements must be met before entrance into the Market.

There is expedited orientation for produce vendors. If you are a Produce Vendor, please contact us HERE and select Produce Vendor from the drop down. Please Note: all requirements for location below still apply.

Basic Requirements

  • All vendors must pay a $25 yearly membership fee to become a member of our organization.
  • All Temporary vendors pay a $10 space rental fee per diem.
  • All Permanent vendors pay a $130/quarter space rental fee.
  • All new vendors start as temporary vendors until eligibility has been met.
  • Produce vendors shall reside within the State of New Mexico.
  • Other agricultural product vendors, shall reside within one of the following New Mexico counties: Doña Ana, Luna, Otero, Sierra, or Grant.
  • Prepared food vendors must reside in Dona Ana County.
  • All Artisan/Craft vendors must reside in Dona Ana County.
  • All Artisan/Craft vendors must have a CRS Tax ID.
  • All Crafts/Artisan goods must be produced by the vendor. NO RESELL ALLOWED
  • Follow any and all applicable City of Las Cruces, Doña Ana County, and State of New Mexico licensing and regulatory requirements (A table of these requirements is provided within our Policies and Procedures
  • Present proof of physical residency. Proof of residency shall consist of a New Mexico driver’s license, other New Mexico ID with a local address, a lease agreement, or a current utility bill with the vendor’s name and address. No P.O. Box addresses will be accepted.
  • Any commercial business or their affiliates with a permanent location shall not be allowed to become a vendor. Market vendors who later establish a permanent commercial location are permitted to keep selling at the Market provided they continue to meet all Market qualifications.

Please review the complete Policies and Procedures before submitting an orientation request. If you do qualify and all applicable permits, licenses, etc have been obtained, you can submit your info HERE. Please be sure to list what you intend to vend.